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Jody Martin is a resident of Tishomingo, Oklahoma in Johnston County. He came up with the idea for the Bar None UTV Rack last winter while goose hunting. He had trouble hauling layout blinds with decoys and other gear out to the field. He started jotting down ideas to build a rack, but he never got around to following up on his idea.

The Big Idea

This past spring was the wettest in Oklahoma history. Jody was out on his hunting lease to see if his deer stands had washed away in the floods when he met up with the land owner/rancher. They discussed how ATV's and UTV's were the only vehicles that could be used due to the wet condition of the pastures. The rancher told Jody that he loved his Gator, but there wasn't enough bed space to carry fence posts or tin used for repairing water gaps in the fences. That is when Jody decided to follow through with building the first rack.

He had planned on starting a part time business, but life threw Jody a curve, and he lost his oilfield job. For the first time in over 25 years, he was unemployed and forced to survive on his own wit. He contacted a patent attorney who researched his idea, and Jody now has a patent pending.

Veteran Owned and Operated

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